Weekly Devotion


December 16, 2018 


The Real Meaning of Christmas

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:17

What is Christmas all about? How does it make us feel? We can feel joy from gifts, lights, cards, dinners with family and friends, and time off work. On the other hand, we may feel burdened by all the extra work. Or maybe we feel sorrow and sadness as we struggle with finances, illness, and loneliness. Many of us feel a degree of all of those emotions during this season. Our feelings can also be confused as we tell ourselves we should feel happiness and joy, but sometimes we don’t, and then we feel guilty on top of everything else. So, if Christmas is not just about the feelings it brings out in us, then what is it all about?

Christmas is about God’s love and the grace that His love creates. God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world as an incredible act of love. Jesus’ birth and subsequent death brought the gift of saving grace to all of us simply because God loves us. Christmas is about love and grace. We are called to celebrate out of gratitude for what God did for us by worshiping Him, giving each other gifts, and being especially conscious of and helpful to other people.  

Here at TCLC we are living out that meaning. Angel tree gifts are ready to be delivered along with turkeys and other foods to Mama Tina’s Mission House. Donations were made to organizations serving senior citizens. We have recently seen several members of our congregation be affected by illness, accidents, financial needs, house maintenance needs, transportation issues, etc. It has been so gratifying and inspirational to witness how we have worked together to help the community and each other! We have used our hands to do God’s work! That is what Christmas is all about! Thanks be to God for His love and grace to each of us, and blessings to all who are living out the real meaning of Christmas!

Le us pray: Our Father, thank you for loving us enough to send your son Jesus to save us from our sins through your grace. Help us to show that love to others, not just at this time of year but throughout the entire year! In Jesus name, Amen.